The Law Office of Scott J. Linn is totally devoted to practicing in various areas of real estate law. Our major area of practice involves analyzing and reducing the real estate tax burden for residential, commercial and multi-family properties throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. We have over 25 years’ experience in this particular area of law. Further, our office practices in the areas of condominium and homeowner association board representation, the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties and the representation of clients seeking special use permits and zoning modifications.


Our office's experience and involvement in the areas of legal practice mentioned above have enhanced the office's abilities in appealing real estate tax cases and analyzing a client's overall real estate tax situation. The real estate tax process is more complex than many property owners realize. Our staff understands and knows the various details and subtle nuances of the process. This understanding and knowledge often spells the difference in achieving or not achieving successful results when seeking reductions for clients involving assessed valuation appeals. Further, we are constantly monitoring the latest court decisions, state and local legislative changes and tax appeal body rule changes which are constantly affecting the real estate tax situation in Illinois.


Our office firmly believes that educating our clients and also non-clients regarding the real estate tax situation and process is of major importance and truly adds value to our work. That is why we annually publish newsletters containing information on issues and events of critical concern to Illinois taxpayers.